Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Creature of the Night II

He lurks in the woods.  When he is sure no one can see him, he comes out.  He hids in the dirt.  Under pine cones.  Swarmed by ticks and crickets.  He hides.  Waiting.  He waits for me in the woods.  Under the trees and the moss.  While the rain drizzles down.  He waits.  He waits for me to turn around before he will make his move.  I know he is there.  I feel him.  I anticipate his every move, but I'm still surprised when he does.  Yes. . .he is my creature of the night.  You never turn your back on the creature of night.  I still have my wounds.  He is sure to leave his mark, he always leaves you aching.  But I love him.  I love him because our meetings are rare.  Because he hugs me and holds me tight.  Because he tells me every night that it will be okay.  Because he loves me in the purest and most sincere way possible.  But, like every fictional character, it can never be.  He lives his life in the fairytale and fantasy of my mind. . .but no where else.  So I sit here...yearning, desiring, longing. . .for my creature of the night. . .until I fall asleep and dream. 

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