Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I had a funny experience yesterday in the Stewarts parking lot that I would like to share with you because it embarrassed me, and I feel that by laughing about it, and telling people about it, I will feel less embarrassed.  Well first of all, as I was walking into Stewarts guess who I passed?? Just guess!! No ideas??? Tim's ex girlfriend, who is now his new girlfriend Cayla!!!! yeah. . .she saw me and gave me a dirty look. . .I just smiled at her.  :) Anyways, when I was leaving Stewarts some big ass truck parked as close to me as he possibly could, and when I had to pull out I also had to turn.  So I couldn't pull out because I couldn't manuver my car around this big ass freaking truck that was parked way too close to me.  I made several failed attempts until finally this very attractive male passanger in the big ass truck opens his window and walks me through step by step how to back up my car and get around the big ass truck that is parked too damn close. . .so I was very embarrassed that he had to help me because I couldnt do it myself but I smiled and said thank you anyways.  Mind you as I was getting into my car he winked and smiled at me. . .now he probably thinks I'm a total ditz.   Well thats my story :)

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