Sunday, January 31, 2010


How did geologists come to know so much about the earth?  It took time.  Lots of time.  They had to watch it.  Watch it move and change.  They had to listen.  Listen to the sounds it makes.  They had to feel it.  Feel its warmth, and its coldness.  Feel its softness, and its hardness.  They had to feel it move and feel it change.  They studied and researched and paid attention to everything it did.  They studied and observed every piece of evidence.  They used their senses and their knowlede to learn more and better understand it.  They are still learning, listening, watching, feeling, tasting, smelling and observing.  They still don't know everything, but they're trying.  Sometimes they jump to conclusions, but they give the earth time and keep their mind open to be proven wrong. 
Thats the only way you will understand.  You have to watch me.  You have to see me cry and laugh.  You have to watch me bleed, watch how I react when I'm in pain, see me when I'm overwhelmed in happiness, see me when I'm angry.  Watch my tears, watch my smile, watch my body.  You have to listen to me and hear me loud and clear.  Listen to my heart beat, listen to what I have to say and how I'm feeling.  You have to feel me.  Feel my softness and my harndess.  Feel my warmth as well as when I'm cold.  You have to observe and be patient because sometimes it takes a while to see and feel and hear all of the things you need in order to know and understand me.  Use your senses and your knowledge to understand me better.  But most of all you have to watch, listen, feel, taste, and touch all the parts of me that their are.  You won't know what color my blood is just from stroking my hair.  You won't know the sound of my heartbeat just by looking at the color of my eyes. . .but if you take your time, and pay attention, you will learn a lot and understand so much more.  Thats the only way you will learn.