Friday, January 29, 2010

My Ring

Well I figured out why i've been procrastinating with getting my engagement ring resized. . .its because I don't want to take it off and be separated from it. I haven't taken it off even for a second since I've gotten it and thought of not having it for a week or more haunts me.  Its hard to explain but its like. . .its something that I have from Tim and its special and when he's not here its all I have to hold on to.  I miss him like hell and at the moment the sweatshirt he gave me is at his mothers house and so the ring is all I have aside from his letters and the pictures I took.  Not only that but the ring is a symbol of our love, and our relationship.  God I miss him.  I have dreams of him surprising me and coming home and when I see him I just jump into his arms and bawl my eyes out. . .and then I wake up and remember he's not here and Its going to be about 3 more weeks before I go to Missouri to see him. . .I hate it.  It hurts so much not being able to see him let alone talk to him.  I just keep telling myself that if we can get through this it will make our relationship so much stronger and we will be able to get through just about anything.  Its not easy.  Its one of the hardest things I've put myself through, but as I've said before. . .he's more than worth it.