Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love

I love roses, carnations, the moon, stars, an open sky, hearing the rain on the roof, watching thunderstorms on the porch, kissing in the rain and getting soaked, laying on your chest and hearing your heartbeat, feeling your warmth when I lay next to you, warm hugs, passionate kisses, making people laugh, seeing children smile, big families, music, opera, classical, rock, metal, country, pop, hip hop, dancing, singing, reading, writing, painting, drawing, playing the violin, acting, being weird, being eccentric, learning new things, living, breathing, enjoying life, loving people, being loved, touching lives, experiencing new things, meeting new people, dancing in the moon light, laughing with friends, traveling, holding hands, first dates, hellos, being happy, cookies, eggplant, my dad's baking, my mom's cooking, things that shine, the color red, broccoli, summer, days off, halloween, puppies, kittens, taking pictures, blogging, making money, shopping, spending money, shoes, purses, jewlry, playing games, I love life, being me, and being happy. And of course, I love you Timothy Evan Manchester Jr. ♥♥♥ Don't ever forget that.

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