Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've been talking to a lot of different people about happiness.  What exactly is it?  Is it an emotion?  A lifestyle?  A myth?  What is it that makes people happy, and if something makes someone happy is it wrong?  Different things make people happy, but do they really make them happy or do they just think it does because its supposed to make them happy?  How do you know when you are truely happy or just content?  What is the difference?   What makes me happy?  And why do those things make me happy?  Do they truely make me happy?  Some people believe that their job and success makes them happy.  Other people say that other people make them happy.  Some even say that being alone makes them happy.  All these different people have different views, are any of them wrong?  Are all of them wrong?  What is supposed to make people happy?  Do you know you are happy when you are rolling on the floor laughing?  Or when you get that warm feeling in your stomach?  Some people compare love to happiness, like its directly related, is that true? 

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