Friday, October 16, 2009


Well I've been home sick for over a week. I started out being sick with bronchitis with flu like symptoms and it just got worse. Then I went to the hospital and found out I have pneumonia and my right lung is partially collapsed. I've been on 2 different types of antibiotics and 2 different inhalers and then i got a nebulizer machine. I'm finally starting to feel better and stop coughing but I could relapse very easily and my immune system is very weak so I could just as easily catch something else and end up right where I was if not worse. As of right now however I am bored out of my mind. I haven't seen or really spoken to my friends in days and I'm rotting away at home. I've done some of my homework, but I can't really do my math because I don't know whats going on and I just got my government book yesterday so I could start doing that. So if you read this, you should deff send me a text or give me a call or something because I am desperate for human contact. Thank you to Tim :D who has kept me company through my illness by calling me and talking to me online ;) but I do miss my girlies and everyone else also. I'm going to work tomorrow and sunday and I hope to go to school on monday but my mother is thinking about keeping me home another week and getting a tutor to make sure I won't relapse or anything. . .I really want to go back to school. D:

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