Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well I am dating this guy named Tim and he is. . .amazing. He is so sweet and handsome, I love spending time with him. I didn't really have any intentions of starting another relationship before college, but after meeting him and spending time with him I couldn't resist. He took my breath away and swept me off my feet. Everytime we talk he makes me feel so special, beautiful, and amazing. When he kisses me I feel like the only girl on the planet. When he holds me in his arms I almost forget to breath. I love all of his plans for his future, its nice to hear them. I'm the type of person that has been planning for my future since I knew how to, and I've never really met a guy that even had the beginnings of plans and the things he feels are most important in life and some of the same things I believe are most important. We have quite a bit in common, but we have a lot of differences to keep it interesting. We share a lot of the same desires and we just have great chemistry. I am very sad that he is leaving for the army in a month, but he will come back a month after that and I can write to him in the meantime. I'm really interested to see where this relationship will go, until then, I am REALLY REALLY HAPPY. So Timmy, this is for you baby. ♥

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