Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween. . .

Okay so halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of all time and this year, because I am a senior i think I'm going to dress up and either go trick or treating or hand out candy.  Honestly halloween in our town sucks because trick or treating only lasts an hour now and its usually when its still light out so. . .LAME!!!  So perhaps if I do go trick or treating I will go somewhere else to do it.  My dilema is that I have no idea what I want to be this year.  I've done it all.  Last year I was a dominatrix, before that I've been a prostitute, a man, witch, vampire, mirmaid, hobo, clown, bunny, angel, pharoah and a lot more things that I can't seem to remember at the moment, but the point is I've done it all so I'm out of ideas.  I need something good and original cuz well. . .its me. . .so let me hear your ideas and I'll keep brain storming.  Thanks ♥♥

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