Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Teachers

Well this is a critique/review of my current teachers in order of period.

Mr. Carey- he is my first period geology teacher.  I love Mr. Carey SOOO much.  I hate earth science, its not an interest of mine at all really, but he makes it so interesting and I just learn so well from him.  I love his personality and I just love him.  Thats why I made a Mr. Carey Fan club on Facebook (check it out).  I think he gets angry kind of easily about some things, but no one is perfect.  I just don't understand why that man never got married, he is awesome! I understand why he never had kids because I don't think he could deal with a crying toddler, but overall he is just awesome and an amazing teacher.  I could learn anything from him and be interested.

Ms.  Yaddaw- she is my english teacher that is filling in for my real english teacher because she had a baby.  Ms. Yaddaw is amazing too, she is a really good teacher, its like she was born to do this.  I learn very well from her too.  I think her assignment about her philosophy on teaching caused me to have a lot of respect for her and I've been talking to her a lot recently about my dilema mentioned below.  She has a very modern way of thinking about literature and its nice.  I like her approach and her interesting sense of humor. 

Mrs. Countryman- she is my precalc teacher.  Its kind of difficult for me to jump from my first year of math b to pre calc but i'm dealing.  I don't totally like being in a class full of juniors, but you know. . .its better than freshmen.  I do like Mrs. Countryman however, but I think I learn better when I ask her for help than when she is teaching to the entire class and that may be my fault due to my attitude, but she is very upbeat for a little woman lol.

Mr. Waterson- I've had Mr. Waterson 3 years in a row for outdoor activities and he is amazing.  People don't always realize this but he does care a lot about his students and enjoys what he does.  He makes my day when I have him because he is so funny and laid back. 

Mr. Milman- I have had mr. Milman for 7 years now and I love him more and more with every year.  I love how he teaches and his personality.  He is so clumsy it just adds to the humor.  I love how laid back his class is and how its just a stress relief more so than stressful. 

MRS. Yonteff - I haven't had her as a teacher before but she was the music director for one of our drama club performances.  The class is much more than just standing up and singing and she makes it very professional and has gained the respect of her students which is hard for newer teachers.

Mr. Satola- well i'm not sure if i'm spelling that right or not, but I do like this particular teacher because he makes me laugh and thats pretty much it.  I'm not a big fan of history or anything that goes along with it, but he makes me laugh and he makes the class fun at times.  He can't help that he teachs a boring subject.  He does get kind of angry easily so i'll do my best to stay on his good side. . .

Ms. Greg- she is a student teacher for Ms. Evans and she teaches Marketing.  The class itself is a drag and I feel like I'm in elementary school but she doesn't really get to decide on what to do so she really can't be blamed for it.  She is really cute and tiny and funny and I like talking to her.  I think she is going to be an awesome teacher in the future and she is bringing us icecream tomorrow to bribe us so that we're good when her supervisor comes so thats pretty cool too because i'd probably do the same thing.

Mr. Schoff- Okay, well I think this year, he is my favorite teacher.  Mainly because he isn't my teacher, he's my study hall teacher.  He is new this year to our district and let me just say that I love him to death!!! He is so nice and laid back and its really refreshing to have him the last period of the day.  He unwillingly lets me express myself by drawing all over his chalk board and talk loudly.  The poor guy. . .he's got to be broken in somehow and I'm the perfect one to do it!! But he's really cool and puts up with me and I really enjoy talking to him.  Seriously, 11th period is my favorite period of the day!!! ☺Mr. Schoff☺ aka Mr. Schoof :D

well thats it for now, as the school year continues I will probably update this, but until then I am overall happy with all my teachers this year and glad to have them.  ♥♥

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