Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well my last, first day of highschool starts tomorrow.  Yay. . .(sarcasm).  I am happy to be a senior, and happy this is my last year, but really its not.  I have 5+ years left of school after this year.  Not to mention I am just sooo ready for this to be over.  I haven't even started school yet and I'm already counting the days to christmas vacation.  Why am I not excited?  I think this year will be great and all, lots of friends, great classes, I love all of my teachers, I'm a senior. . .idk.  I've visited all but one of the colleges on my list and 3 of them I'm going to apply to so far.  It will be 4 if I like this last one.  These are my choices in order:

1. Long Island University C.W Post
2. SUNY Stony Brook
3. SUNY Fredonia

the last school I have to visit is SUNY Oswego so perhaps that will be somewhere on that list too.  I plan to major in psychology and minor in theatre.  I don't know why I can't just be simple and have one major and just stop at my bachelors, but nooo, I have to get my masters and maybe even my doctorate.  Oh well.  I'm done ranting.

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