Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Adoption Lady

The lady for the Adoption did finally show up the other day.  She looked around our house, and spoke to my mom, Gary, and me.  She asked me a bunch of questions about growing up with Gary and made sure it was all my decision to have him adopt me, and not my mother or someone else trying to force me into it.  Then she asked my mom questions about work and how long she has been with Gary and a bunch of personal stuff like that.  She seemed pretty nice despite her unprofessionalism we experienced in the past.  Then she told us she was going to recommend the adoption to the court and write up a report.  She said that all that was left now was the court date and then I'm officially adopted.  I guess they make it look like there was never an adoption.  They make it seem like Gary was always my father.  I have to get a new social security card, license, birth certificate, EVERYTHING.  Its been a long process, but it is finally coming to a close.  :D

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