Monday, August 24, 2009


Well, I'm really sad, bored, and lonely right now so I'm posting yet another blog today.  My boyfriend started his college classes today so I didn't get to talk to him until like 4:00 PM and I haven't spoken to him since and it is now after 9:00 PM.  I am so not used to this, I'm used to seeing him every day.  He would come over every morning and leave at like midnight.  It sucks even more that his cell phone is broken so the only way I can talk to him is when he is online (which he never is).  I just got on the computer and saw that he was online so I sent him a message and just as I did, he signed off.  It said that he had been online for 12 mintues so I don't know why he didn't send me a message.  It upsets me that he didn't, he knows I've been missing him like hell.  I may be clingly and needy right now, but we've been together for almost 9 months so I'm allowed to be sometimes.  I'm having a hard time adjusting to this and he's not really making it easier.  I know its not his fault, but idk. . .I think he could make an effort to talk to me a little more.  I know its going to get easier once I get used to this, but right now I'm struggling with it.  I miss him soooooooo much.  I can't wait until he gets another cell phone so I can at least text him and hear his voice at night.  I'm used to him tucking me in at night. . .I don't get that anymore except on weekends.  Is it friday yet??  He is coming home wednesday this week because his classes end early and start late on thursday.  He knows that I miss him so he's going to come home to see me and spend some time with me.  Friday we're going to the state fair, I really hope it doesn't rain.  *sigh* Bored. . .sad. . .lonely.  I'm ranting and going around in circles, oh well.  I just hope I can talk to him before I go to bed.  I only got to talk to him for a few minutes today. . .I don't want to go to bed without talking to him for a little bit and hearing how his day went. . . :(

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