Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Journey to Me: My Blog

I'm contemplating deleting this blog. . .no worries.  I plan to start a new blog, perhaps with a slightly different theme.  
Lately, I've been all about letting go of my past and recreating myself into who I want to be.  This hasn't really been entirely easy or fun.  Especially since its still pretty foggy in here.  But I've done a lot of changing: gotten rid of my piercings, moved to cities, changed jobs, deleted facebook, changed my number, etc.  I've had this blog for over two years now.  There is a lot of my in this blog. . .which makes me want to delete it and start over, but it also makes me want to keep it.  So another possibility is that I will "end" this blog, and start another one.  An end to one part of my life, and the start of another. :) Comments are appreciated :) 

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