Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Kiss Me

Wait a second. 
Don't speak.
For words are always all wrong.
Close your eyes.
They deceive you.

Wait a minute.
Don't touch me.
I might die if you do.
My heart skips beats,
And I can't seem to breath.

Stay the night.
I couldn't stand for you to leave.
Not again.  
Don't think.
It only makes things harder.
Shh.  Just kiss me.

One more week, 
That's all I ask for.  
Listen to your heart.
It knows I love you.
Mine told me your secret too.

A month,
A year,
A decade.
I'll wait.
Just let me feel your heart as it skips a beat.
Hold me, when you take my breath away.
And please, just kiss me.

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