Friday, October 21, 2011

College: Nursing Program Part II

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So yesterday afternoon I got a phone call at home from one of my nursing instructors.  On the first test, if anyone scored below an 80 they had to come in either individually or in a group for remediation, which I did.  In doing so you were supposed to create a plan of things you were going to do to improve for the next test, which I did.  But then she wanted us to either come in or email her to let her know if we were actually doing that.  I received the email but I had chosen not to respond yet, not knowing there was some sort of due date.  So she called me telling me that I failed to come in and ignored her emails.  She was exceptionally rude over the phone and ended the conversation by saying she was going to tell my other instructor that I failed to come in for remediation for the first test and then hung up on me. . .I find that extremely unprofessional, not to mention I wasn't aware I was still in high school where my instructors chase me down to make sure I'm studying and doing my work.  I thought once you were in college doing those things were up to you.  I'm paying for the class and its my grade so if I want to study, that's my choice. . .I don't need my instructor calling me at home with an attitude to see if I'm studying and then hang up on me. . .If she really had to call me out she could have sent it via email, she didn't need to call my phone, at home, to be rude and hang up on me. . .very unprofessional and uncalled for.  I live in Schenectady, I work, and I attend two other classes aside from nursing.  I practically live at the college as is and all of this mandatory remediation is ridiculous.  I think its wonderful that they offer the programs but making it mandatory isn't necessary.  I did appear for the remediation but I shouldn't have to keep checking in to let them know if I'm studying or not. . .as I said, this isn't high school and it is my responsibility to do it on my own.  I'm done ranting now.  

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