Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living With A Boy: CJ

Mood: Chillin' 
Weather: Its 7:46 in the morning on my day off. . .No I haven't looked yet.

I had a request to tell you all this story: So Sunday night CJ's best friend, Alex, spent the night.  Monday, CJ took Alex home shortly before I left for school.  In that time, I wrote, with a dry erase marker on our bathroom mirror, "Please Vacuum.  I love you with all my heart. XOXO."  So I talk to him about an hour before he had to be to work and he had just gotten home and not even seen the note yet. . .Fine, I'll buy the excuse, no big deal.  So that night I clean, doing just about everything except vacuuming, and I left the note on the mirror.  Tuesday, I had to be to school early and CJ didn't have to be to work until 1 so he said he would vacuum for me.  When I get home at 12, he brags about having done the dishes. . .but he didn't vacuum!!!  He hates doing dishes, and has told me that he prefers to Vacuum.  And for 2 days I have a note written on the bathroom mirror telling him to vacuum. . .and he does the dishes!!!  I can't win.  Lol.  Well. . .thats my man for you :P Gotta love him

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