Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anatomy and Physiology Today :)

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Today I had a wonderful time in lab, no I wasn't bored or confused out of my mind.  I'm a bit sad that tonight was our last lab. . .it was just starting to get fun.  Tonight we had to disect a sheep eye, we also did a few things with sensation and perception.  As always, I have pictures :)
Today I had 3 other lab partners because a lot of people dropped the class or didn't show up so partners are all mixed and matched.  One of my lab partners I got to stab with one of those pointy ended, pencil ended compass things on her face, lip, finger, and neck to see how long it took her to feel more than one point.  Then I got to put marker on my other lab partner, her picture is shown above.  We did this on the back of her hand, her palm, fingertip, forearm, and the back of her neck.  With her eyes closed I was supposed to put a mark on her (purple) and then she was supposed to use another marker to try to mark the same spot.   We did this three times, this is the image of the back of her neck.  This lab partner will hence forth be known as Polkadot :)) She is the one I did the rat disection with :)  And the last lab partner we timed how long, without looking, she could feel a penny on her arm.  I don't have pictures of the other two.  The one I got to stab, I will call her Old Lady. . .she's like 30!!!!!!!!!! O.O and the other one. . .I will call her Penny (I will explain the reason for the nicknames at the end of this post)  We had a lot of laughs today in Lab.
Then we went on to the eye disection.  Poor Mr. Hottie never has the best body parts available to him for us to disect.  There were like 3 buckets of eyes.  This one, I believe it was from 1995, it was covered with mold :(  The ones we did were not, but they were all dry and icky.  Just thought I would share this nasty picture because its fun :D

Then we finally disected the eye.  It was hard to cut because the outside is very tough, not to mention it moves whne you're trying to cut it so we had to pin it down, as you can sort of see in the picture.  Old Lady got squirted with eye juice. . .I cracked up.  Luckily she was standing otherwise it would have got her right in the face lmao.  The circular pink thing is the lense and the tan membrane is the retina. . .see?  I did learn something!  We actually discussed my blog in class today. . .I have no idea how we got started on the subject but I stupidly told Mr. Hottie that I have a nickname for him on my blog so he had to look.  So the entire class knows about my blog now (HELLO FELLO A&P STUDENTS, I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BLOG :) ) Mr. Hottie spent like an hour looking for his nickname on here, but he couldn't find it.  He found Mr. Hippie's and I told him about Mrs. ADD, Mr. Suicide, and Mrs. Stockings, but I wouldn't tell him his (for the obvious reasons of course!).  He also checked out my twitter :P So we all got discussing nicknames and my blog and what not, a lot of people wrote down the address so I hope they check it out (hello if you did)  Also feel free to add me via facebook, there should be a link on the right hand side ---------------->  (except you Mr. Hottie cuz that would just be creepy. . .just sayin)  But I would like to say that though difficult, I really have enjoyed Anatomy and Physiology and I learned a lot like:  What part of the body grows the most when stimulated???? Think about it

Think about it

Think about it

No!  Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Think Again!

Yeah. . .its the pupil!!!!! lmao
I also learned how to rememember 12 of the cranial nerves:  Oh Oh Oh To Touch and Feel Virgin Girl's Vaginas and Hymens
(Olfactory, Optic, Oculomotor, Trochlear, Trigeminal, Abducens, Facial, Vestibulocochlear, Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, Accessory, Hypoglossal)  Yup. . .thats what we learned. :) But it was just a lot of fun today, lots of laughs. . .it was a good one.

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