Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dedicated to the GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!

You told me to stop being insecure. . .what you don't realize is that I did.  You don't like the more confident me.  You don't like the me that doesn't need your approval to be happy.  You told me to stop being insecure. . .I slept on that.  Confidence comes from being happy with one's self and feeling comfortable within one's skin.  I'm much more happy with myself when I'm not doing things that make me uncomfortable to make you happy.  I didn't grow confidence over night. . .it doesn't happen that way, but I took the first step.  The second step was getting rid of the people that bring me down.  I did that too when I said I was over with this.  You didn't like that either.  I took your advice. . .that didn't make you happy either. . .Sorry, I tried, but I'm done now.  Then, you decided to try to put me down by insulting me with something I came crying to you about before.  Goodjob, did that make you feel better?  I hope so.  Later.

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