Thursday, December 2, 2010


So lately I've heard that there is a rumor going around about me that I got kicked out of college for marijuana and that is why I'm back home.  I just want to let all of you know that that is no wheres near true.  First of all I was not kicked out of school, I took a personal leave of absense.  Second of all I was never caught with drugs or got in any trouble while I was in school.  Third of all I was going to a SUNY School called STONEONTA. . .I don't think anyone has gotten kicked out of a state school for marijuna unless they're growing it in the school or large scale distribution.  But I was not.  I actually left school because I didn't like all the immature high school kids with new found freedom partying all the time and being stupid about it.  Academically I had straight A's.  So don't believe that shit because its not true by any means. 

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Dan said...

lame, I agree with your point on annoying high school kids partying all the time ran into that at the community college I went to dreading going back for my BA for that reason amongst a few others.