Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I'm sorry that I haven't really been posting anything about my life lately. . .truth is, life as a bum is pretty boring.  I go out often and hang out with Ashley and Gabby, but thats about it.  I sleep until about 10:30 every day, and it takes me until about 1 to ACTUALLY get up. . .then I either clean, try to find a job, or do. . .nothing.  Thats how my days have gone since I've been home.  No one is hiring. . .so I'm seriously going to be a bum until school starts again in January.  I really don't enjoy being a bum. . .I wish I had something to do lol.  Oh well.  Just thought I would update you all on my life. . .not much happening right now, but as soon as it does I'll let you know.  Wish me luck in my job search. 

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