Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To My Friends

To Gabby:  I freaking love you!! BFFL!  I'm so glad we got so close this year and got to spend so much time together.  I know we are going to be close all through college and you can come visit me as much as you'd like.  I want you to know that you're freaking beautiful and I love you to death.  You have helped me out so much this year. . .you are one of the only people I feel like I can really talk to.  I'm so excited for all the memories we are going to make this summer and for the next few years.   Best of luck babe. 

To Cassie:  Its been a rough road this year, but we pulled through.  I hope you have a great summer and senior year.  Best of luck, stay in touch.

To Donjeta:  Girrrrrllllllllllllll lol what can I say. . .you're hawt!!  I'm so upset that you're spending your freaking summer in Cosavo (did I spell that right?) and missing all of our grad parties.  You had better come see me after you come back.  I love you to death and you are one of the few people that I know I will stay in contact with over the years.  I can't wait to come visit you at school and party in the city with you.  Know that I love you and I'm always here if you need anything.  Best of Luck.

To Ashley P:  hahaha, this year has been a blast with you!!!  Its been real yo and I'm sure we will get together a bunch when we are in college.  You, me, gabby, and matt. . .oh ya.  You're awesome girl, you've got a big heart and you're very strong.  I admire you in so many ways.  Keep it real, keep in touch, Best of Luck.

To Cecilia: I love your hair!!  You won't be too far away from me so I hope we get together and chill.  Its going to be fun.  I know you are going to do well so I won't waste my time wishing you luck because you don't need it.  Had tons of fun at your grad party (i won at stump. . .twice :))  Keep in touch.

To Matty:  Girrrrrrllllll lol jk :)  I'm going to miss you like hell, but I will come visit you and donjeta down there.  We will party. . .it will be great!!!!  I've been friends with you for sooooo freaking long, you are one of the people that I always kept in contact with and always hung out with.  Oh the memories.  Best of Luck

To Kelly:  You are brilliant and you are going to go far.  Never change.  I know that when we come back for our 10 year reunion you will be very successful, married, and rolling in the money :)  You're so funny and fun to be around.  Keep in touch, Best of Luck.

I know I'm forgetting like 10 million people so TO 10 MILLION PEOPLE:  Its been real!  Peace!

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