Sunday, July 18, 2010

Graduation Party

So I took a bunch of pix at my graduation party and because my boyfriend couldn't make it I told him I would take pix so that it was as if he was there.  So here ya go :)
So you pull up and this is the first thing you see
This is the Fort where I had my party. 
If you come in the door and look to your left there are a bunch of pix of me from the time I was a baby to now. . .ugh lol
Then if you continue going straight and look up, this is what you see. 
Then you descend a few steps and go to the left and this is where it brings you. 
On the wall is this poster. 
And here are my wonderful djs.  This is my ex boyfriends dad, step mom, and step brother.  On the left is Mike (step brother), middle is Karen, and on the right is Mike (dad).  I love and miss them to death and they were awesome at the party as always. 
Then when you go down stairs you end up in the dining hall. 
My little brother and sister.
My older sister Teanna and her boyfriend Alex
This is Gabe, but I like to call him Marco
My mom's bestfriend and her family
Some people my Mom works with (Wayne, Renee, Amy, and I don't remember the baby's name or the bald guys name lol)
My mom and her friends (Yvonne, mom, and Missy)
My cousin Carissa, Aunt Judy, Aunt Linda, and my cousin Melissa. 
My neighbors the Aldi's
Carissa and Melissa
Creighton, Melissa, and Carissa
This was the only picture taken at the after party and I think it sums it up quite well lol.  The after party was pretty crazy and I was. . .unable to take a lot of pictures lol.  All in all it was a blast and boyfriend I wish you had been there <3

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