Monday, April 12, 2010

Ughh Cops

I'm still a little upset.  Ryan and I went out again tonight.  We always have a great time and he is a wonderful gentleman and he makes me so happy.  We went out to dinner and then we were sitting at the riverfront in his car.  Yes we were in the backseat, but NO! we were not doing anything.  We like to sit in the backseat and kiss and be close to eachother and that is honestly and sincerely the extent of it.  Well we were sitting back there and I was leaning on him while he was kissing me and all of a sudden 2 cop cars show up.  No the cops were not called on us.  An older gentleman comes to the window and asks us to open the car door so he can talk to us.  He asks if we saw anyone here with a small child because they received a strange complaint, and we said we hadn't.  He said okay and walked around the river with the other, much younger, cop.  When they came back around the younger cop shines his freaking flash light at us.  By this time we were both sitting up and just talking.  He shines the light in and talks to us through the window.  He says he can only assume what is going on here and asks if he plans to get in the driver seat and get going, and Ryan says yes.  Then the cop asks if we had anything in the car that the other cops dog might smell (what dog? there was no dog in the car) and Ryan says no.  And then the cops says okay, get out of here. . .wtf.  We weren't doing ANYTHING.  He was rude and his behavior was completely uncalled for.  Telling us to get out of there and saying he can only assume what is going on. . .he can't assume.  We've only been out a few times and aren't anywhere near doing anything like that.  It really pissed me off what he said, his tone, and how rude he was to us.  We did nothing wrong.  It upset me for the remainder of the night and I'm still a little ticked.  Ughhhh Cops. 

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