Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That Guy

I'm looking for a guy that likes the stars.  A guy that likes to sit in the grass and just look at them.  I'm looking for a guy that likes to kiss after eating garlic.  A guy that likes warm weather, snuggling, long movies, and quiet staring.  I want a guy that likes to make plans spur of the moment.  A guy that always smells nice, has a big family, and likes to laugh at nothing.  A guy that loves music, and love stories, and silly games like peek-a-boo. A guy that will kiss me first thing in the morning, and right before we fall asleep.  Someone that will drive my car because I don't want to, will listen to my stories even if i've already told them once, will let me wake them up in the middle of the night because I had a nightmare and can't sleep, will kiss my tears away and make the monsters disappear.  Someone that will make me feel beautiful when I look my worst and make me feel alive when I'm feeling down.  Someone that will whisper he loves me when I'm asleep on his lap.  Someone that plays video games while I read, and lets me play with him even though I suck.  Someone that will surprise me with flowers and pick me up from school just because.  Someone that will eat my cooking even if its horrible, someone who will make me laugh when I feel like I'm about to cry.  Someone that will make my mom laugh, and my dad smile.  Someone who will play games with my brother and sister, pick on my friends, and read my blog.  The guy that will tuck me in at night, argue with me about who loves who more or about silly things just so we can talk about something and laugh.  I just want a guy that will love me like no one ever has, kiss me like he will never get another chance, touch me like I'm the only other human being on the planet, and let me love him back just as much.  I want that guy.  I want my prince charming. 

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