Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Bye Knight in Shining Armor

Look at you shine, look at you glisten.
Your smile is like a drug
I breath you and take you in.
Before long i'm hipnotized by you.
Hipnotized?? no. . .blinded.
For you aren't a knight in shining armor at all.
No. . .not a knight, nor a lord, barely even a man.
You are below the peasants, the jokers. . .hell you're below the sewage.
Your horse is but an old cow.
Oh and look at this, no heart, no soul. . .nothing.
So what does that make you??. . .nothing.
I'm sorry "Knight" but you are not fit to even breath the same air as me.
You lie, you're a hipocrite, and your scared. . .you call yourself a "Knight"? 
You're not even a man, and it takes a big man to be a Knight.
Especially my Knight in Shining Armor. 
So ride away, ride away into the sunset on your cow.
I want nothing more to do with you.
Oh and, while your out please tell Prince Charming I'm waiting.

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