Sunday, February 7, 2010


I like words.  Words are probably the best thing ever invented.  Words show personality.  Words can cut like razors.  Words can also mend any wound just as well.  I use words to vent.  To talk in code, sometimes that only a few people truely understand, other times only I understand.  I have a couple favorite words and I'm sure if Cassie reads this she will know exactly what word it is because I leave her comments of this word all the time :D Some words I dont like. Like faggot. . .that word upsets me.  Brok knows this, how many times did I kick you brok? But anyway, back to words.  I can use any word I want in my writing and make something beautiful.  You might not like it. . .and thats okay. . .because its not for you.  "Those who matter won't care, and those who care won't matter."  Right guys?  and "its the thought that counts."  So take your weapons, no put the guns and knives away, and arm yourself with words.  Words can really make a person. . .and break them. . .so choose your words carefully. ;) and always use protection.

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