Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day

So that very special holiday is coming up where you're supposed to show the one you love how much they mean to you.  It's not a bad thought seeing as most people don't show each other how much they mean on a daily basis.  I don't get to see my fiance on this special day but I do get to see him a few days later.  How do I show him how much he means to me?  How does anyone?  My friends mean the world and more to me.  I can't give them the world.  I love Tim in ways I can't even express. . .how do you show someone that?  This is where the phrase "its the thought that counts" comes in lol.  I think Tim already knows how much he means to me.  I know how much I mean to him and I only get to speak to him once a week. . .I still know.  I sometimes question how my friends feel, but for the most part I know they love me and I think they know that I love them.  Regardless, I think its a nice gesture to try and go out of your way to show it.  I got Tim a card, one of those that you open and theres music.  He likes those because he's in boot camp and everyone laughs.  I want to get him more but it is so hard to buy stuff for a guy especially when hes in boot camp.  I would get him candy, but he probably won't eat it for obvious reasons (training).  I would get him a teddy bear (is that gay?) but he wouldnt be able to really have it until march because they're not allowed to have possessions.  I know when I see him, I'm going to give him the biggest kiss and hug anyone has ever gotten.  That will be the best valentines gift for me.  Just to hug him again.  Thats all I want. 

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