Sunday, February 21, 2010

Creature of the Night

I will compare you to a creature of the night.
Yes. . .that is how I will do it. 
Dark. . .mysterious. . .a secret.
shhhh don't tell.
Don't say a word.
I will obey the creature of the night.
Under his spell. . .his power. . .his control.
It isn't blood lust, no, its lust, desire, need.
Its like a drug, isn't it? 
Take me creature of the night. 
You are like the night sky.
Big. . .over powering, but beautiful.
Dispite the darkness, and impurities, you are beautiful.
Lit up by the stars and the moon.
Is it possible to be so bright and wonderful, and so dark?
You are.
I'm like a little girl gazing up at you with desire in my eyes.
Take me creature of the night.
I'm already under your power.
Innocence lost.
Identity doubled.
Heart torn.
I surrender.
Give my self, my blood, my body. 
Take whats left and what already belongs to someone else.
Take me.

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