Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Knight in Shining Armor,

Dear Knight In Shining Armor,
Why do you make me wait?  Why am I sitting here, and you there?  I need you next to me, beside me, part of me.  I need to feel your warmth, your body, your heartbeat.  I need to know that you love me and that I don't wait in vain.  Please don't make me wait anymore, close the distance between us.  Kiss my lips, let me taste you, your love, your lust, your passion.  Let me lay in your arms as well as your heart.  Let me feel your finger tips pressing on my body.  I want to trace lines over your entire body.  I want to watch you while you sleep.  Please don't make me wait any longer dreaming, fantasizing.  Make my dreams a reality.  Let me be everything you've ever wanted and more, and make you the happiest Knight of all.  Let me do that. . .that is all I ask.  I love you dear Knight, as I always have. 

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