Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Knight in Shining Armor

Dear Knight in Shining Armor, I politely ask you to remove your armor.  Let me see past the hard exterior, and let me feel the soft warmth that you posess.  Let me reach into you and open your heart.  Let me take on your pain and your worries, and show you love, warmth, kindness, softness, happiness, and more protection than any amount of armor can ever provide.  I want to be the last thing you have to fight for, and the last battle you win.  I want to be your pride, and your future.  Let your guard down oh sweet knight, let it fall away like the rain, and let me fill you like heat.  I will cure you with love and tenderness.  What is it you will do for me you ask?  You will be my strenghth, and my safety.  You will return my love and passion.  We will share the most beautiful thing known to man.  I am your compassion, and you are my strength, and together we are everything. 


Anonymous said...

Did you come up with that all on your own? Because thats really good i like it

YourLittleSpoon said...

yes i did, everything i write is original and if its not i cite the author and/or website i got it from.

Anonymous said...

yea she is way to into this to steal lol if u think it is stolen then google it or somthing dont know what to tell ya but she has my trust in everything